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When people travel for leisure, their main aim is to discover new things about the world and its cultures. This enables the traveler to discover and learn more about themselves throughout their journey. Simultaneously, leisure travel can be about having fun and excitement, relaxation, therapy and cures, or simply getting a chance to escape the mundane daily reality.

Travel is known to be one of the most popular interests of people. It's about experiencing new adventures, learning about different cultures, meeting new people, working, and some people travel simply for the sake of leisure. 

In Saudi Arabia, Tourism development is more and more considered to be an important driver for the kingdom’s future growth and economic diversification.


Leisure tourism however is the newest frontier to this country. It includes attending music festivals, visiting UNESCO world heritage sites, participating in a walking tour of a city or catching the F1 Grand Prix, or simply a vacation or staycation at any of the kingdom’s beach resorts.

Beyond The City

If you want to escape the city and enjoy an unforgettable serenity experience or to hike the beautiful hill treks or to go on a dune buggy. You can find a lot of ways to enjoy the breathtaking deserts within Saudi Arabia

Rub’ Al Khali
The Empty Quarter

Covering mainly the Eastern Province along with Najran and Riyadh Provinces.

The largest continuous expanse of sand in the whole world covering a quarter of Saudi’s surface area. Dunes here can reach a height of 250 meters.

Activities: Dune bashing, camping, quad biking

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Al Nufud Al Kabir
The Great Nufud Desert

Covering the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula stretching from the village of Jubbah to the city of Sakaka and extends from Al-Zulfi to the borders of Hail. It also spreads in areas within the provinces of Hail, Al Jouf, and Tabuk.

Al Nufud Al Kabir is the largest and most well-known dune field in Saudi Arabia with sands that look plated with gold.

Activities: Camping and picnics.

Al Araqana Desert

Located east of Tabuk, on the Madinah – Tabuk road.

This desert features an ocean of large rusty golden-red dunes that flow over miles, and makes for amazing sunsets.

Activities: Dune bashing, camping, star gazing, and fossil hunting.

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Jubbah Desert

Located in the Hail Province, northwestern part of Saudi Arabia.

This desert resembles a large rocky canyon with linear sand dunes and is home to one of the famous rock art sites in Saudi Arabia dating back to the Paleolithic period.

Activities: Camping, star gazing, hiking (to see rock art)

Ad-Dahna Desert

Located 200 km north of Riyadh along the Dammam Highway between the great Al Nufud desert and the Empty Quarter.

A magnificent reddish sandy terrain spreading horizontally like veins.

Activities: The Redness of this desert makes it a beautiful experience to traverse and watch the sun set into it.


Leisure Sports & Activities

Many types of sports are considered as leisure activities like horse/camel riding and racing, falconry and Golf.

Golfing is quickly becoming more popular in Saudi Arabia, where there are now 10 golf courses. The best and most visited golf course in Saudi Arabia is The Royal Greens Golf Course and Country Club.


Of course, one cannot forget the famous festivals in Saudi Arabia like the annual Janadriyah National Culture and Heritage Festival, which takes place over a two week period in November at Janadriyah near Riyadh.


For information regarding the kingdom’s sports and festivals, visit Sports and Adventure and Events.


Resorts & Spas

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Hot Stone Spa (Women Only)

A lifestyle salon and spa offering the finest treatments delivered by licensed estheticians, massage therapists, hair stylists and nail technicians.

Four Spa (Women Only)

The place to retreat the body and soul and to have a quick break from the hustle of the city.

Nofa Resort

Relax in luxury, surrounded by green lawns, sand dunes and mountains

The resort features 57 secluded luxury villas and bungalows designed in an elegant African style, with premium amenities including a private swimming pool and garden.


Narcissus Hotel & Spa Obhur

Narcissus Hotel overlooks the north coast of Jeddah. The hotel is a luxurious resort, with the 60 villas ranging in size and amenities from Junior Villas to Premium Villas, Executive Villas, and Royal Villas. As you dine in one of the lined-up Saudi and international restaurants, such as Italian and Argentinian cuisines, the gentle sea breeze will rustle you. You can book an appointment at Narcissus Spa, one of the largest spas in Jeddah, for moments of relaxation, and it is family-friendly and for all ages.


Beach & Sea Adventures

Saudi Arabia has a magnificent coastline that stretches along the Red Sea and offers a wide range of spectacular nautical pursuits for adventure seekers. There are various locations across the nation where you can enjoy fantastic water-based activities.


Here is a list of some top spots

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Jeddah, the ultimate diving destination, is an excellent starting point for exploring the fascinating world beneath the Red Sea. Explore the ancient shipwreck Staphonos at Air Tabur or the Ann Ann at Abu Farmish, both of which are suitable for expert divers. For beginners, diving at Sharm Obhur and marveling at clownfish, lionfish, and a plethora of eels would be an unforgettable experience.


For information regarding Jeddah’s Scuba Diving, visit the “Sports and Adventure” section of this website.


Yanbu, a port city on the Red Sea's coast, is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and incredible diving spots. Visit Yanbu's Barracuda Beach to get up close and personal with magnificent sea creatures such as sharks, tuna, and barracuda. If you prefer swimming or snorkeling, Sharm Yanbu is your best option.

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Jizan and Farasan Island

Jizan, with its deep blue sea and virgin islands, is one of the best places for beach activities. 

The golden Beach is a great place to go swimming, diving, or snorkeling. Al Shuqaiq Beach, which is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, is an ideal choice for fishing enthusiasts.


Umluj, "Maldives of Saudi Arabia," is a 2-hour drive from Yanbu. With its virgin islands and turquoise waters, this is a great place to relax by the sea. Umluj is a great place to dig your toes in the sand and enjoy some barefoot therapy for those looking for some relaxation.

Image by Faraaz Zuberi

Cruise the Red Sea

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A new and exciting way to explore Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Coast is through Cruising. Hop on board the luxurious Silver Spirit on a three- or four-day package, which includes fine dining, entertainment and stops at virgin-sand beaches.


Saudi Arabia has exceptional opportunities to discover unspoiled and unexplored islands and beaches. So for an authentic Arabian experience with private dining, rooms that overlook the sea, large auditoriums, small markets offering sundries and souvenirs, health and wellness facilities, swimming pools and recreation areas, do not miss this cruise experience.

Among the stunning sites to see while cruising the Red Sea is Ras Al Abyad (Coastal White Head), in Yanbu, which features an all-female beach as well as family beaches, all on pristine beaches. Another popular stop is Sindalah Island, which offers a spa and private cabanas on the beach. All locations where cruise ships dock will provide everything from fine local cuisine to burger joints and will also have water activities for both adults and children.

At sea, dolphin sightings are not uncommon and soon, cruises will be adding snorkeling excursions to see first-hand the famous coral reefs of the Red Sea. Beyond that, expect azure water as far as the eye can see, fresh sea air, lots of fun and memories that will last a lifetime.

Shopping and Dining

In Saudi Arabia you can see a wide variety of incredible shopping malls. The country has a large number of outstanding shopping malls in several of its major cities, including Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Makkah, and Al Khobar. So, whether one is looking to buy souvenirs for loved ones back home or simply enjoy a worthwhile shopping experience, Saudi Arabia has a plethora of amazing malls to choose from.

Saudi Arabia's fine dining restaurants serve delicious dishes in a beautiful setting. Authentic Saudi Arabian, Lebanese, French, Chinese, Indian, and other cuisines are available to guests. A wide variety of restaurants provide luxurious dining experiences at reasonable prices. The chefs at these restaurants are highly trained and skilled in order to provide authentic regional flavors. Furthermore, the staff is extremely friendly, which adds to the overall dining experience.



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Sports & Adventure

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