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Image by Abdulrhman Alkhnaifer


Designing a package that includes all travel-related services in just one place and booking it through just one payment has now become a reality. Using the star of our technology, travelers can draw an itinerary of 25 destinations on the world map and edit the order of the destinations however they'd like. After picking the desired destination, and the number of nights, the system will start searching for flights and accommodations within our wide range of suppliers to get the best prices possible.


Users will be presented with an auto-selection option based on specific criteria (duration, price, arrival, departure times for flights; and star rating, reviews, price, and distance to city center for hotels) to find the suitable choice effortlessly. In addition to the auto-selected options, the system will offer a wide range of options to pick from with a wide range of filters to choose the desired hotel accordingly.


After selecting the flight and accommodation, the system will offer the user a wide selection of optional things to do as well as optional transfer methods (to and from the airport/hotel) and car rental options in every destination for a more satisfying experience. Agents can also edit the whole itinerary in case the client would like to add, edit, or cancel anything.

This feature may be used for booking of (1-9 Adults); please contact our team for group bookings larger than 9 PAX. 

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