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Image by Christian Wiediger


Travel Group Holding first emerged in 2016, the result of a huge growth and expanding of Travel One, an offline luxury travel agency/DMC based in Amman, Jordan since 1993. The big dreams and great ambition that the team had of global reach was finally met a few months ago when we finally got our official Turkish tourism license.

Turkey was always on top of our list of countries to expand to because it has a very powerful tourism industry, a very strong airline, and airports that are listed as ones of the best worldwide. But mainly because through our years in Jordan we have been studying Turkey and we have reached a point where we can say we know it as if we were based in it.

Determined recently to be the new headquarters of TGH Turkey, where mainly TravelOneDMC will be operating is the beautifully newly built Porta Vadi project located on Seyrantepe Cendere Street, a street known to be one of the busiest and most central streets in Istanbul.

We are excited to finally reach this chapter and are very eager to start our expansion.

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